When my boyfriend Brian and I visited Asheville I planned a 3 day trip to go visit as many of the Asheville breweries that we could. Knowing we had 3 days, and not full days, we had to plan accordingly. We needed to make sure that we could visit all of the breweries that were on the top of our list, and then try to add in the others that were lower on our list but we also wanted to visit. So we set out following my Brewery Trails process to accomplish that.

We viewed hotels as only somewhere to sleep and shower, so no need to spend too much money on accomodations since we would be out all day and night. We found it cheaper to stay via Airbnb and found an adorable apartment up on Black Mountain. On the night we arrived in Asheville we made our way into town stopping by the local Black Mountain breweries. We started at Lookout Brewing, a small little brewery with a lot of regulars. It was very welcoming and the staff seemed to know everyone. Our next stop was Pisgah Brewing. When we got there they were getting ready for a their outdoor concert. We would have loved to stay and enojoy the music and atmosphere, but we were on a mission to visit all the breweries on our list. We made plans to come back and visit so that we could stay and watch the show next time.

As we visited the Breweries we decided to start rating each one based on Atmosphere and their beer of course. To do this we used a 5-hops system to rate each location we visited.

Atmosphere = A | Beer = B |  hopshopshopshopshops |